Orbit Energy Communication Technology Industry and Trade Inc. It has been established by people who have provided service, ARGE and infrastructure services in the electric-electronics and telecommunication sector for more than 10 years.

The founders decided not to operate in the renewable energy sector with their extensive service experience and knowledge. While performing this activity, it will combine its accumulation in the telecommunication sector with its new field of activity.

The most important work that you want to do in your new field of activity is; It is to save our country as quickly as possible from external dependence on renewable energy. In order to do this, he will transform the knowledge he already possesses from one side to the other, and he will expand his investments by means of the gains and the incentives he has obtained from it. We will gain new products in the alternative energy sector and this area will be one of the best brands.

our vision

Being one of the leading TECHNOLOGY brands of Turkey and the world that can make its own R & D, produce new generation patented products that serve the environment and humanity, can make end-to-end installation and services of its products, and serve customers 24/7.

Our mission

We will work with our strength to produce, prepare and present the most accurate products that will benefit our customers by developing innovative products that take advantage of the power of technology and generation to leave a livable world to our future generations so that New Turkey can take its place in the "New World" ...