EcOrbit-M2/245-260 Wp Solar Panel

EcOrbit-M2/245-260 Wp Solar Panel

EcOrbit-M2/245-260 Wp Solar Panel

The EcOrbit producer CSG is in the top 10 on the public competitive companies' market list.

It is one of the world's top 10 glass manufacturers by PLIMSOLL. CCTV Finance and Economy 50 Indexes are among the companies that have been listed. Its in top 500 Asian brand evaluation system.

PV Cycle Association full membership. This union is established for Volunteer to retrieve and recycle modules after finishing 25 years of life of solar modules.

Our manufacturing plant has 28 years of manufacturing experience. In the Solar Panel Production Chain, the necessary processes for the collection of the silicon, the production of the silicon billets, the slab cutting, the solar glass, the solar cell and finally the solar modules are carried out. It can produce the best panellas of the world. 

The modules are certified by TUV and ETL testing organizations with good results in the most demanding conditions (temperature, load and impact).

Guarantees power tolerance from 0 to + 6W, users can obtain extra more 5,8% conventional output power.

100% EL test before and after lamination ensures high quality.

TUV's salt corrosion test, ammonia resistance test, possible induction (PID) test and carbon footprint evaluations