JFY Suntree Inverter (On Grid)

JFY Suntree Inverter (On Grid)


High Mppt range and high efficiency on-grid IP65 inverter series.


Suntree 5000TL,  Suntree 30000TL,  Suntree 20000TL,  Suntree 17000TL,  Suntree 15000TL,  Suntree 12000TL,             Suntree 10000TL,  Suntree 8000TL,  Suntree 6000TL,



Affordable and Easy Establishment

• Lightweight and compact size
• Lightweight shelf for easy installation
• Outdoor IP65 with durable IP65 inverter cover
• Option to work on flexible MPPT voltage range flexible modules


Cost Advantage
• Design without transformer
• Lightweight and compact size facilitates transport
• Low maintenance cost and low power loss in case of malfunction


High Performance String Inverters
• Wide PV input voltage range
• 5.0kW to 30.0kWa
• Excellent power elements
• Excellent temperature performance
• High work efficiency with no transformer design
• High overload capacity under worst ambient conditions
• Superior PV energy storage


Communication and Technical Data Screen
• Power from the LCD display
• System status monitoring at a glance with bright LED indicators
• Computer software and system malfunction detection for remote monitoring
• RS485 / RS232 serial communication integrated

TUV,  SAA,  CE,  CQC,  AS4777.2/3,  AS/NZS 3100, VDE 0126-1-1,  EN62109-1/2,  G83,  G59,  CNCA/CTS00042009A,  CNCA/CTS0006-2010,  EN61000-6-1/2/3/4,  EN62109-1/2,  RD1663, C10-11