JFY XPI Inverter (Off Grid)

JFY XPI Inverter (Off Grid)


XPI series consists of 3 usage modules of single-phase stand-alone inverter:

Solar controller, pure sine wave inverter and isolated converter. Controller; It is based on MPPT technology, intelligent and highly efficient battery operation. The integrated pure sinusoidal wave inverter and low frequency isolated transformer module provide excellent overload performance and make it suitable for a variety of electrical applications. It supports the entry of Beekeeper / Generator, gives advantages in old diesel generators, reduces cost and maintenance costs.


XPI 0.5 kVA, XPI 0.7 kVA, XPI 1 kVA, XPI 1.5 kVA, XPI 2 kVA, XPI 3 kVA, XPI 4 kVA, XPI 5 kVA, XPI 6 kVA, XPI 7 kVA


  • MPPT Controller, the highest gain from Solar Panels
  • Controller, Inverter and Converter integrated design
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Output isolated transformer, safe and stable
  • Network / diesel generator input interface (optional)
  • Excellent overload capacity
  • Suitable for all types of electrical applications
  • Suitable for smart battery applications
  • Full protection
  • LCD display + LED Status indicator