OE-P48V 100Ah with Prismatic Cells

ORBİT has produced a battery that is necessary for every home with its stylish and ergonomic design that will add beauty to the place it is placed...

The OE-P48V 100Ah battery pack is an energy storage module based on innovative LiFePO4 battery technology.

Orbit Batteries with advanced features are designed for telecommunications base stations, power plants, energy storage solutions, on/off grid residential power solutions.

Orbit batteries have a long service life, wide charging voltage range, fast charging, smart management system, anti-theft software and with heater solution for cold weathers. 

Where necessary, the OE-P48V 100Ah battery pack can be paralleled with similar battery packs.

Thanks to the high quality BMS on it, it resists high charge-discharge currents and allows you to use your batteries without any problems for many years.

In addition, BMS software is controlled by Orbit Engineers and can communicate with the INVERTERs it is connected to. Thus, full performance use of lithium technologies is ensured.

Usage areas;

Telecom battery systems,

ESS ie Energy storage systems,

Offgrid Domestic Energy Solutions,

Hybrid Energy solutions,

Caravan energy solutions


OE-P48V 100Ah with Prismatic Cells Information and Price Offer Form