Today, fertile areas suitable for agriculture cannot be used as agricultural areas due to the electricity problem.

Solar Panel Irrigation Systems can be made as a solution to this problem.

While battery-powered irrigation systems were being made, battery-free solar irrigation systems came to the fore due to the life-span problem and cost of batteries.

For battery-free irrigation systems, the linear current taken from the panels must be converted into alternating current and given to the pump.

The devices that do this job are called Solar Drivers.

JFY Solar Driver, on the other hand, is not just a driver, it has a card with MPPT and smart algorithm.

The most important feature that distinguishes it from other drivers is that the device has an intelligent structure and protects itself in case of pump failure.

Thus, it offers a long life without failures.

Maximum efficiency is obtained by driving the pumps from low irradiations.

If you want to install a battery-free solar irrigation system, please contact Orbit Enerji technical team.

The most suitable solution will be prepared for you.

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