Manisa Water Sewerage Administration

Solar Powered Submersible Pump System

The drinking water requirement of MANİSA Karaağaç Neighborhood is provided by the Solar Powered Submersible Pump System, and during the pumping of the water, all of the energy consumption of the submersible pump is met by the Solar Energy Module (Photovoltaic Battery) System. The status information of the water coming from the warehouse, which is 4 and a half km away, has been received over GSM. In other words, a GSM-based automation system has been used. This status information can be reached at any time over the internet. The system will provide an hourly average water capacity of 20 m³ / h (twenty cubic meters / hour).


  • Project Name

    Manisa Water Sewerage Administration

  • Status


  • Capacity

    10 kVA

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    Active and Workin